The Benefits of a Veriforce Evaluation & Certification

The Benefits of a Veriforce Evaluation & Certification

Veriforce is a prequalification data system that connects hiring clients with contractors, vendors, and suppliers who meet their standards—and being in the network has its perks! Keep reading to learn the benefits of a Veriforce evaluation and certification today.

Understanding Veriforce

Veriforce offers integrated compliance solutions between hiring clients and contractors, vendors, and suppliers. It’s a prequalification data system that allows hiring clients to identify contractors, vendors, or suppliers that meet their safety requirements. This system enables a quicker hiring process and helps companies become visible to various hiring clients. Veriforce offers compliance in safety, operator qualification, training, and drug and alcohol monitoring.

Benefits on the Contractor, Vendor, and Supplier Side

As a contractor, vendor, or supplier, Veriforce offers great benefits. A Veriforce certification proves that a company complies with industry regulations and meets specific safety standards. By being in the network, companies have access to consulting services and over 400 instructor-led training programs. In addition, Veriforce allows companies to become visible to more than 350 hiring clients. Not only does this increase industry presence, but it expands job opportunities.

Benefits on the Client Side

Hiring clients can access a database of companies that can meet their safety requirements. When seeking workers, finding the right people for jobs can be challenging. However, Veriforce is a leading network that speeds up prequalification assessments. And with features like “predictive risk status,” hiring clients can weed out companies that don’t meet their qualifications. It’s truly a time-saver!

Is It Worth It?

On the contractor, vendor, and supplier side of things, Veriforce compliance is definitely worth seeking. This network proves safety is a top priority, and companies use the best industry practices. On the client side, the benefit of a Veriforce evaluation and certification is that it highlights companies that fit their specific guidelines. On either side of the network, companies and hiring clients will connect to complete projects and jobs.

If you’re a contractor, vendor, or supplier interested in joining the Veriforce network, please contact Industrial Compliance and Safety. We can help you compile the right information, complete the compliance questionnaire, and create or submit industry-specific safety programs. Get started by calling us today!