5 Steps for ISNetworld® Certification

You are now a member of ISNetworld®, but what else do you need to do to get become certified? This is where Industrial Compliance and Safety comes in! Our experts specialize in helping contractors obtain approval within the ISNetworld® system.

Step 1: Set up & Connect your client

The first thing that must happen to become certified in the ISNetworld® system is to have an Owner Client (Your customer) connected to your account. This will allow your account to be populated with all the needed requirements from your customer. Each Owner Client has their own scorecard which is accessible within your account and they each grade differently and weigh aspects of your account differently.

Step 2: Complete Questionnaires

Once your client is connected we get to work with your newly released account questionnaire to provide all the needed details about your business, the work you do, your statistics, program information, and much more. This can consist of over 2200 questions that must be answered properly.

Step 3: Complete Safety Programs (RAVS®)

From there we get to work on your safety programs or what ISNetworld® refers to them as (RAVS®). Your RAVS® section will have individual programs that must be written and uploaded. We do this whole process for you by customizing these programs for your business. Once these programs have been written we upload them for you and answer each of the specific questions on that program requested by your client. We guarantee 100% approval and scoring on your these safety programs. It can take ISNetworld® up to 2 weeks to review these programs so make sure to get started well before any deadlines.

Step 4: Submit Documentation

Next comes the documentation piece of your account that includes things like insurance, EMR, OSHA Logs, requested company policies, owner client specific forms, and many other things. We go to work to get these documents organized for you and uploaded. We’ll do all the leg work to track down important forms you may need and anything you need to sign we’ll send over to you. We will also reach out to your insurance provider to explain what we need for your insurance and make sure everything is correct.

Step 5: Wait for review

There may be other requirements on your account, but the most common are the ones we discussed here. Once the ISNetworld® team has reviewed and graded your submitted programs and information you will receive your isn rating/grade based off your clients' scorecard. Once you get to an approved status you become ISNetworld® Certified!

But your ISNetworld® certification won’t last forever. You have to constantly maintain your account as new requirements in the form of updates are added as well as new clients who may connect to your account which will also add requirements. We offer many solutions to help your business meet these needs. You worry about doing business and we’ll worry about the compliance. Together we’ll keep your clients happy.

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