Avetta® Certification

Avetta® provides Supplier prequalification and regulatory compliance validation, per requirements of the hiring client. This may seem to be a lot to get in good standing with your customer. There can be hundreds of questions in the Avetta® Compliance Questionnaire, submitting requested forms, and the requirement of having to create and submit industry-specific Avetta® safety programs. We can help you complete your PQF questionnaire, annual updates, site-specific questionnaires, and manual audits, and make sure they are done correctly for your business. We provide personalized expertise in the energy and utility industries, along with many others.

Additionally, managing your account after the initial set up is a must as new requirements could show up on your account. Our expert compliance staff with over 17 years’ experience has helped businesses meet and maintain Avetta® safety compliance. We offer ongoing account support, so you’ll never need to worry about pre-qualification standing in the way of a new customer.

Become Avetta® Compliant:
Call (800) 500-6301 or complete the form today to get started!

Fast Account Submission

Providing you with the tools for 24-48 hour submission

Manual Audit

We will provide all the safety programs needed to pass your Avetta® Manual Audit

PQF Questionnaires

We will help you complete your PQF and gather all needed documents for Avetta® review

Guaranteed Lowest Pricing

Find a lower price on our service and we’ll beat that price!

So, why work so hard at something we are the best at? Let us guide your business through the compliance process - step by step - so you can get back to what you do best!

Contact us today to take the first step towards Avetta® compliance. We’ll tailor your safety programs to your company to ensure we check every box before submission. We’re proud to offer the highest quality service at the lowest price. Don’t wait until signing a job depends on Avetta® safety compliance—get started now, so you’re ready for that next big opportunity.


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