Avetta® Compliance Certification

Avetta helps clients and suppliers manage their relationships in one simple platform. Using Avetta can help clients to reduce risk and improve safety and sustainability in their supplier prequalification process. For suppliers, Avetta compliance shows that you are a safe and reliable company to hire.

What is Avetta?

Avetta is a contractor and supplier compliance management system that provides clients and suppliers better visibility in their supply chain network. Clients using the Avetta compliance management system can manage their hiring process of suppliers, contractors, or vendors. Suppliers can use Avetta to help build visibility and trust with potential clients by showing them that they are qualified and meet the client's exact requirements for potential jobs. Supplier’s have an added benefit of having access to discounts through Avetta Marketplace, on insurance, PPE, and more.

Become Avetta® Compliant:
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Fast Account Submission

Providing you with the tools for 24-48 hour submission

Manual Audit

We will provide all the safety programs needed to pass your Avetta® Manual Audit

PQF Questionnaires

We will help you complete your PQF and gather all needed documents for Avetta® review

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Avetta Safety Programs & Training

Avetta also provides a variety of training and assessments to clients and suppliers to learn more about Avetta programs as well as risk management. Some of their risk modules include: Health & Safety, Workforce Qualifications, Sustainability & ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, Financial Viability, Liability and Cybersecurity.

Account Setup & Upload Online

Importance of Avetta Compliance

Avetta's compliance management system helps reduce supply chain risk for clients and suppliers. Being in compliance with a client simply means you meet their exact hiring requirements for their particular needs or job. Suppliers have a better chance of being hired if potential clients can quickly and easily see your pre qualifications and certifications. This system also has an effect on improving safety measures for suppliers in the long term. This visibility to clients pushes suppliers to improve their systems and processes.

How Do You Become Avetta Compliant?

Becoming Avetta compliant allows suppliers to demonstrate their qualifications and credibility to potential clients. There are four main steps to getting started with Avetta compliance management system:

  1. Register: Complete your profile by answering questions about your business
  2. Upload your client-required information
  3. Achieve compliance with your client’s requirements (Compliance means you’re ready to resume work with your client)
  4. Promote your safer business to 500+ hiring clients


Help with Avetta Compliance

Getting started with Avetta compliance does not have to be stressful, Industrial Compliance & Safety has the experience to help. While there are only a few main steps, each step can be quite involved and complex. You will need to ensure you are submitting the correct requested forms and answering all questions to the Avetta® Compliance Questionnaire accurately (there can be hundreds). There is also the requirement of creating and submitting industry-specific Avetta® safety programs.

We can help you accurately complete your PQF questionnaire, annual updates, site-specific questionnaires, and manual audits for your business. We provide personalized expertise in the energy and utility industries, along with many others.

Ongoing management and maintenance of your account is a necessity to stay compliant with any new requirements that may appear on your account. Our expert compliance staff has over 17 years’ experience and has a proven track record of helping businesses meet and maintain Avetta® safety compliance.

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