4 Key Factors Driving Your Supply Chain Network Design

4 Key Factors Driving Your Supply Chain Network Design

Implementing a supply chain design for your company is essential for production. You experience the process of seeing raw material get turned into a finished product. When you break down the components of a supply chain network, you will recognize major components. Keep reading to learn about the four key factors driving your supply chain network design.

Manufacturing Process

A significant part of your supply chain network design is the manufacturing process. You’re making a product for consumers, and you need supplies, technology, and space. Questions like “How will we procure raw materials?”, “What is our manufacturing methodology?”, and “Where will we hold inventory?” should come to mind. Your manufacturing process is a top priority in the network design because it’s the foundation of the chain’s purpose. You cannot achieve customer fulfillment without a product.

Technological Factors

When you run a supply chain, you quickly realize the importance of technology. Employees can’t do everything by hand, so machines and different equipment play a significant role in manufacturing. In many cases, the use of technology will speed up production and allow you to meet the demand for the product. In addition, technology is a large investment for supply chains that will give you immediate benefits.

Employee Safety

Employees are a significant factor in the supply chain network design. They keep everything running by manufacturing, storing, and transporting products. Therefore, it’s essential to keep them safe in the workplace by implementing safety programs and training. For example, Isnetworld® safety programs can ensure employee protection by introducing industry-specific safety tips for all workers.


It’s essential for companies to consider their competitors’ size, location, and strategy while redefining their supply chain network. Additionally, the professionals within the company must decide whether to locate their manufacturing facilities near or far from competitors. This is fundamental; it could influence the distribution of raw materials or labor availability.

Implementing an effective supply chain network is key to productivity. When you break everything down, you will notice important components. We hope our four key factors driving your supply chain network design were beneficial. If you’re interested in employee safety training, contact Industrial Compliance and Safety. We provide safety programs, and we can get your company the safety certifications you need. If you have any questions, call us today!

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