An ISNetworld® account is a virtual account that tracks a contracting company’s industrial compliance and safety processes & outcomes. Often, a company’s records are kept in accordance with the demands of a hiring client. A hiring client is a client that requires ISNetworld® certification before beginning a contracting project. 

Essentially, an ISNetworld® account is a means of ensuring that common safety practices and protocols are followed in a contracting project. Additionally, an ISNetworld® account is a transparent means of displaying past safety records to potential clients.


How to Create an ISNetworld® Account

A contracting company will likely create an ISNetworld® account at the request of a hiring client. In the process of creating an ISNetworld® account, the contractor will be asked to submit the following documentation: 

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • RAVS®, or Safety and Training Programs
  • EMR letter
  • OSHA recordable incidents for the past three years
  • Answers to an 800 – 2,000 question MSQ®, or Management Safety Questionnaire

These common elements vary in complexity and specificity based on the demands of a contractor’s hiring client. Additionally, there is a unique format and language to the elements required by ISNetworld®, especially in the MSQ® and RAVS® components. Often, contractors choose to hire a safety compliance consultant, such as ICS, to oversee this nuanced process of certification. Safety compliance consultants are experienced professionals who have insight into the inner workings of ISNetworld® and national industrial compliance standards.

What to Do After You Create Your Account

After a contracting company submits all required documentation to ISNetworld®, they will wait up to two weeks for grading. The ISNetworld® grading scale is a letter scale ranging from A to F. Only A and B are considered passing grades, which qualify you to work with your hiring client.

If your company does not pass ISNetworld® inspection, you can analyze your gap report to determine exactly where and how your documentation needs improvement. If your grade suffered because of inadequate safety programs or answers to the client questionnaire, then you can communicate directly with your hiring client to patch these gaps. You will need to work on improving your safety procedures and worksite protocols. If your company does not pass due to insufficient insurance coverage, then you need to communicate with your insurance to improve your current plan. If your company does not pass due to a poor history of workplace injuries or a high EMR, then you need to speak with a safety compliance consultant to strategize your next step forward. 

Once you pass ISNetworld® inspection with an A or B grade, you are responsible for maintaining your account by uploading annual incident reports, insurance certificates, and EMR letters. You are required to update your client questionnaire answers on a quarterly basis, and upload employee hours and incidents on a monthly basis. 

Aside from qualifying to work with your hiring client, there are additional advantages to an ISNetworld® subscription. In your account, you have access to up-to-date statistics on safety standards within your industry. You can view your Safety Programs and rate of incidents in comparison with competitive companies in your field, and strategize means of improvement. Additionally, your ISNetworld® account gives you access to events such as Hiring Client-sponsored Users Group Meetings and the ISN® CONNECT Conference. Through ISNetworld®, you can network your way to numerous lucrative contracts.