Account Maintenance Program

Our Account Maintenance Program is the most important service we offer. ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Premier, and almost every qualifier will periodically issue updates and your customer can issue new program requirements many times throughout the year. Additionally, you may add even more clients over the year which is good for business, but means new requirements will need to be satisfied with your account(s)!

Our Proven Process

Once you sign up for our account maintenance program we immediately get started with our proven process. Your business is entered into our system and we keep track of everything on your account. Part of the maintenance program is monitoring your account weekly. Our team goes through each account every week to check on statuses, notifications, and other alerts. We are also signed up for emails to get alerts of account changes that occur.

By us doing this we make sure that everything is kept up to date constantly. We know when your insurance is expiring and will get the new certificate as soon as it is available and have it uploaded. New programs may be required on your account. If so we will create and upload those programs for you.

How to Get Setup:
Call 800-500-6301 or complete the form today to get started!

maintenace folder
maintenace folder

ACCOUNT UPDATES We Keep up with any client updates or qualifier updates throughout the year. We receive your account notices and are in your account at least once a week.
UNLIMITED CLIENTS Do you have lots of clients? Have as many clients as you want on your account(s)! There is no price increase for our service on the amount of clients connected to your account(s).
TOUCH UPS Have a few deficient items? Depending on how many items are left we can touch up what is remaining and put you on our maintenance rotation at no additional cost from the maintenance fee.
RECORDKEEPING We will help keep track of and generate your OHSA/OH&S stats and logs required by your clients each quarter and yearly.
EXPIRED DOCUMENTS No more worrying about expiring insurance or other forms. Our program stays on top of it all and we will do all the leg work with communicating with your insurer and other parties to keep your account current.
MONTHLY TRACKING Help manage inputting monthly data requested by your client and keep it all accurate!
SUPPORT We keep you up to date on all your account requirements and you have access to a safety professional to answer any questions!
NO HIDDEN COSTS Our program is turnkey and includes everything on your account! We charge a flat rate for the year and will contact prior to your renewal the following year.