Safety Programs

If you are a member of ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Premier or any other similar certification most likely you have been asked to supply a company safety program or EHS manual? These programs are typically generated from the type of work you perform that you indicated within your account. Some programs request are also client required. This means every contractor (you) that performs work for them has to have that program no matter what type of work they perform. Needless to say, most companies do not have a formal program put together or know even where to begin putting on together. This is where we can help!

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How to Get Setup:
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How it Works

The first step is identifying which service you are needing safety programs for. Certification systems like ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC Premier, Veriforce, and others have different requirements for the programs they request. Your clients can have different requirements on each respective certification system as well. Once we know which certification system we are working with we can get to work!

We will get logged into your account by creating our own login so you can see everything we do and upload. Once we have access we will begin creating the programs that are being required in your account. Each program is tailored with your company name and made based off the requirements from your client. The next step in the process after the programs have been made is to upload them. Within 48 hours of you hiring us your programs will be uploaded to your account for review.

The review times vary between certification systems but they can take up to a week or longer to fully review. When the review is complete we will notify you and provide you the final copies of your programs. Our programs are given to you digitally in word format so you have the freedom to make modifications in the future.