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5 Types of Safety Training in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is a hazardous field that employees must learn to navigate. Fortunately, safety training can reduce injuries while informing workers about essential precautions to take. Here are five types of safety training in the construction industry you should know.

Excavation and Trenching Safety

Excavation and trenching safety training highlights different risks associated with working in excavation sites and confined spaces. The training allows workers to safely navigate those areas to avoid falls and fatalities. In addition, the program stresses the importance of preplanning and protective systems (which fall under OSHA-compliant safety material). Workers will learn about the different types of excavation methods and techniques to safely perform their job.

Fall Prevention and Protection

Fall prevention and protection is another type of safety training in the construction industry that’s vital for all workers to receive. Falls are one of the leading causes of death within the industry, so it’s crucial to ensure employees protect themselves. Fall prevention programs illustrate the principles of fall protection, components of fall arrest systems, and the recognition of fall hazards. In addition, demonstrations allow workers to get familiar with fall protection equipment.

Hazard Communication

Every day, construction workers expose themselves to hazardous materials and chemicals within their job sites. Repeated exposure to such things can affect the health and safety of workers. Hazard communication training covers various types of chemicals in the workplace and ways to minimize worker exposure. In addition, the program teaches employees how to read material safety data sheets and identify product labeling.

Crane Hazards Management

Cranes represent a unique hazard in the construction industry because these injuries occur for various reasons. For example, load placement, overhead power line contact, and structural failures can result in injuries and fatalities. However, crane hazard management promotes an understanding of OSHA compliance regulations that underlines job site safety and reduces the chance of employee injury.

OSHA Construction Industry Course

OSHA construction industry courses provide entry-level and seasoned workers with a general awareness of various construction sites. Along with an introduction to OSHA, workers will be trained on topics such as material handling, ergonomics, confined space entry, and job site-specific policies. The overall goal of this training is to cover industry-wide topics and address safety concerns.

At Industrial Compliance and Safety, we understand that construction is a risky industry. By implementing construction safety compliance in your workplace, we can help keep your employees safe. If you have any questions or are interested in our services, contact us today!

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