Top 5 Safety Hazards in the Transportation Industry

Top 5 Safety Hazards in the Transportation Industry

Workers in the transportation industry face many challenges. Whether in the form of inclement weather or the risk of accidents, truckers encounter problems. It’s important to recognize these issues to help truckers become aware of potential mishaps. Keep reading to learn about the top five safety hazards in the transportation industry today.

Distracted Driving

Driving for extended periods of time can lead to distracted driving. Some truckers believe they can multitask, take small breaks, or look at their phone while on the road. However, this is a significant safety hazard. Keeping your eyes on the road is only a portion of driving. Truckers must mentally register weather conditions, other drivers, and obstacles on the road, meaning there is no room for distractions.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are a big problem in the transportation industry. Given that truckers operate large vehicles, it can be difficult to enter or exit the truck. As a result, slips and falls can occur. Fortunately, truckers can follow a written safety program for trucking companies that covers fall protection and prevention.

Changing Weather Conditions

Changing weather can affect driving conditions for truckers. If a trucker is unable to adjust their driving accordingly, it could lead to a dangerous situation. For example, if a trucker is driving through a mild snowstorm, they must drive slowly and with caution. Failure to do so may cause the truck to slide on ice and hit other vehicles. Ultimately, truckers must be aware of weather conditions and prepare themselves to modify their driving accordingly.

Ergonomic Injuries

Drivers can experience back, arm, leg, and hand pain from sitting in uncomfortable positions for extended periods. In addition, when ergonomic injuries occur, they can affect the driver’s ability to handle and unload cargo. Over time, injuries can delay delivery and pick-up times and further affect the driver’s body.

Transportation Accidents

One of the most obvious hazards is transportation accidents. Truckers drive large vehicles that have significant blind spots and are difficult to maneuver quickly. In addition, drivers are on the road for long hours through different weather conditions; the risk of accidents increases when truckers face bad road conditions or encounter reckless drivers.

Workers in the transportation industry face many challenges and hazards. It’s essential to recognize hazards to keep truckers aware of potential accidents. We hope our top five safety hazards in the transportation industry were helpful to you. If you’re interested in written safety programs for your trucking company, you should consider Industrial Compliance and Safety. We offer a wide range of safety programs and manuals to help keep truckers safe. If you have any questions, contact us today!