Small Business Safety Package
Do you need some help with certification, but don’t need an expert to handle the entire process? With our Brick & Mortar Compliance Package, you’ll learn how to navigate the safety compliance systems better and walk the walk and talk the talk.

  • Our safety compliance consultants will train you on how to navigate the safety systems. Sign up for a 1-year plan with us, and then take full control of your account after.
  • We give you the tools to build a foundation for your safety compliance accounts (ISNetworld®, Avetta®, PEC Premier®, Gold Shovel Standard®, Complyworks®, and Cognibox®)
  • Get approved, stay approved, add new clients, add new safety programs, & prospect for new clients using these systems. We’ll show you how to do all of this.

This package gives you all the tools and materials that you need to pass certification on your own, along with unlimited access to our team of consultations.

We guarantee that you won’t be able to match the affordable cost and amazing customer service that come with our package!

By investing in the Brick & Mortar package, you will have access to all the tools you need to effectively set up your account and pass certification with flying colors.

Here is everything you get with our Brick & Mortar bundle:

  • HSE Manual/RAVS® (Review and Verification Services)
  • Access to 250+ Safety Programs for ISNetworld®, Avetta®, & PEC Premier®, Gold Shovel Standard®, and more.
  • Training programs for your employees, also known as T-RAVS® (training review and verification system)
  • Call or email our expert compliance team throughout the year.

We know that compliance is a tricky process, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time safety compliance consultant.

That’s why we’re offering you this amazingly flexible Brick & Mortar package to work with your budget AND accommodate the needs of your company.

By choosing this option, you’ll be more in charge of your certification, but you’ll never be alone in the process. We care about the certification of every single one of our clients, and we will put forth our best effort towards your success.

Give us a call today to find out more about the Brick & Mortar Package, and how ICS can help you get certified.