Toolbox Talk - Electrical Hazards

Toolbox Talk – Construction Site Electrical Hazards

Construction sites have a great capacity for electrical hazards. Electricity is used as a power supply for tools, for lighting, and for the operation of machinery. Additionally, electricity exists as infrastructure that runs through walls, underground, and in suspended power lines. Essentially, electricity is all around us, and if we aren’t careful we can face the risk of electrocution.

Dangers of Electrical Hazards

Construction sites are full of hazards. Everyone working in construction should have thorough safety training and be prepared before entering a job site. Electrical hazards are one of many that can cause severe injury to you or your crew. Electrocution is the core concern with electrical hazards on construction sites. Electrocution occurs when your body is exposed to an unprotected electrical current. Electrocution is especially dangerous because it can cause loss of consciousness. If a worker is in a precarious position, this loss of consciousness can result in a fall or other physical accident.

In today’s Toolbox Talk, we will take a close look at the different ways we can receive an electric shock, as well as ways to avoid electrical hazards.

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