Why You Need Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Why You Need Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, is a required norm in the workplace. Commonly used in construction, health care, and other roles, what is it about PPE that is so important? Here is why you need personal protective equipment in the workplace.

Understanding PPE’s Importance

Jobs that incorporate the use of PPE reduce work-related accidents or injuries. Workers expose themselves to dangerous environments, including oils, gases, or anything that can permeate the body. So, taking preventatives is vital to ensure safety.

PPE Types and Uses

Now that you understand why you need personal protective equipment in the workplace, it’s crucial to know what PPE you’ll need.

Face and Eyes

  • Goggles and face wear: They are used to prevent flying debris, liquids, chemicals, blinding lights, etc.
  • Eye and ear protection: While being in good condition, the eyes are protected, while noisy work areas require earplugs or noise-reducing muffs.

Hands and Feet

  • Gloves and shoes must be tight-fitting and slip-resistant. Steel-toed boots, for example, protect against electrical contact. Both gloves and shoes must also be rubber or synthetic.


  • The standard PPE for your head is hard hats. They protect you in hazardous zones, including management and visitors. Make sure your hard hats are in good condition.

Having a thorough understanding of your PPE is vital for workspace safety and efficiency. Maintenance and inspections regularly occur to ensure your gear meets the standard for their designated uses.

Certification and Safety

After learning about PPE and its uses, the last step is to focus on safety and training. Depending on your location, it is wise to pursue Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Personal Protective Equipment Certification, Veriforce® Certification, CPR Certification, or any other required certifications.

When you are required to work with personal protective equipment, it’s no laughing matter. Safety is important to you and everyone around you. Not taking it professionally is the last choice you want to make.

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