Contractors’ Guide: ISNetworld Training Requirements

Contractors’ Guide: ISNetworld Training Requirements

Standardized industry-specific safety and compliance have been around since the 1970s, yet the growing usage of technology and internet capability in these sectors has streamlined safety reporting. Nowadays, managers and clients report and submit safety procedures online for third-party review. One of the leading assessment companies with this is ISNetworld® , an online contractor management platform designed to help organizations manage internal and federal compliance requirements. This includes health, safety, quality, risk, and regulatory information that, once collected, goes through a thorough review and verification assessment for accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of data. Each of these services connects hiring clients to contractors and suppliers that fit those specific qualifications. Here is a brief contractors’ guide on ISNetworld training requirements to help you get started. Whether you’re a contractor submitting documentation or review or are curious to know more about ISNetworld® , RAVS® , and other compliance-based review services, this blog helps answer any questions or concerns that come to mind.

What Are ISNetworld® Training Requirements?

There has never been a greater need for sufficient training qualifications in the industry than today. In the last few years, supervisors have seen a significant uptick in demand for employee competency across many industries where employee training data is needed most, such as oil and gas, mining, transportation and trucking, construction, and manufacturing.

ISNetworld® Training sets expectations and requirements for real-time data and employee visibility. These standardized training metrics ensure contractors have the proper skillsets and knowledge to perform their assigned tasks at the job site. Additionally, ISNetworld® training ensures personal safety between employees as it implements ID cards at entry points for confirmation on all contractors’ status levels. With the ISNetworld® online training and IQ guide, contractors receive all appropriate training materials respective to their work field. Employees receive credit used to show hiring managers of their training level. These hiring managers or job site supervisors assess and monitor these employees in their competency of the skills acquired through training.

Set Up and Connect Your Client

ISNetworld® helps industry clients manage their internal and federal compliance records through health, safety, quality, risk, and regulatory assessment. After all information processes through the ISNetworld assessment, the Review and Verification System® (RAVS) reviews the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of the data.

The initial step to become a certified ISNetworld® user is to have an Owner Client account. This allows you to tally a scorecard of different aspects to your account and your contractors. Tailor this based on your needs and compliance requirements. The ISNetworld® grades each scorecard and weighs aspects of that account per its needs.

Complete Questions

As the hiring client in this process, you will receive a series of account questionnaires pertinent to your business. Fill these out, as these record all necessary information related to your business and contractor relationships. Statistics, program information, and type of work all feed into these account questionnaires to create the ideal assessment for your business. Some questionnaires are over thousands of questions, so set aside time to complete these.

Complete RAVS Safety Program

The Review and Verification System® (RAVS) ensures overall safety and proper training for all employees in your field. There are individualized programs written and programmed for all clients. The customization allows for specific client-requested questions and programs. With 100% approval and scoring on these safety programs, every client feels their employees understand new responsibility and handling procedures for the job site. Additionally, since these programs are tailored to client specifications, it might take weeks for RAVS® to review your program. Fill out all necessary documentation ahead of deadlines so that you receive the customized safety programs for your business.

Submit Documentation

Relatedly, clients must submit other important documentation to their ISNetworld® accounts, such as insurance, EMR, OSHA logs, company policies, owner-specific forms, and other related forms. ISNetworld® uses that insurance information to validate safety compliance in your company. Greater accountability on your end proves to insurance that you’re careful and aware of all possible worksite concerns with an effort to improve them. It’s important to remember you do not need to submit documentation for all employees, nor do all employees need training on every RAV topic. List employee names on appropriate documentation along with instructor names and signatures.

Waiting on Review

The final part of this contractor’s guide: ISNetworld® training requirements is to wait for review. After you finalize, upload, and submit everything, waiting for a review is the final step. The ISNetworld® team rates all submitted programs and information based on client scorecards. After careful consideration, the ISN® approves your status to become ISNetworld® Certified. Remember, contractors and suppliers pay an annual subscription fee based on the number of employees in your company over a three-year average. Hiring clients pay an annual subscription based on their global region.

Frequently Asked Questions

With all that, you may have some lingering questions on the ISNetworld® and RAV safety program—and that’s okay. These frequently asked questions have the answers you’re looking for. One lingering question many clients ask themselves is, “What are the benefits to ISNetworld® ?” ISNetworld® connects contractors and suppliers through safe, reliable, and responsible conformance and up-to-date workplace compliance. These drive improvement through benchmarked performance over time and reporting with qualified revision of all administrative tasks. ISNetworld® subscriptions include the collection and review of various documents, written programs, incident and injury forms, and insurance certificates. They also include tracking and completion of employee-level training, tracking and completion of audits and evaluation reports, and increased opportunities for hands-on training and networking.

Your ISNetworld® certification doesn’t last forever. That’s why you must maintain your account and update all information on new contractors and clients as they come through. Fortunately, we help your business with all these important compliance control mechanics. Check out our ISNetworld® RAV safety programs to keep your employees safe and accountable at the workplace. No matter the industry, we’re here to help you fill out and submit all industry-specific safety programs, from the MSQ to RAV, so you don’t need to stress about keeping up to speed on your safety compliance.

Contractors’ Guide: ISNetworld Training Requirements