Why Does Your Company Need Veriforce? Why Is It Important?

Why Does Your Company Need Veriforce? Why Is It Important?

Do you want your company to become visible to a wide range of clients? If so, you should consider joining the Veriforce network. This third-party contractor system helps hiring clients to select the right contractors, vendors, and suppliers for their industry needs. If you’re wondering why your company needs Veriforce and why it is important, follow our guide for the answer!

What Is Veriforce?

Veriforce is a company that offers integrated compliance solutions between hiring clients and contractors, vendors, or suppliers. It’s a prequalification data system that’s accessible to hiring clients to enable them to identify contractors who meet their safety requirements. This system leads to a quicker hiring process and allows clients to make effective decisions.


Why Does Your Company Need It?

As a contractor, vendor, or supplier, your company needs Veriforce to become visible within the hiring pool for your industry. Clients contact you for services, and the more accessible you are, the more willing they are to hire your company. Along with visibility, being in the Veriforce system means that your company complies with industry-specific safety regulations and specific hiring qualifications.

What Does Veriforce Offer Compliance In?

Veriforce offers compliance in a few areas. They include safety, operator qualification, training, and drug and alcohol monitoring. Once your company is a part of the network, you can access these compliance areas and other helpful resources. You can schedule in-person or computer-led training to become compliant and learn more about industry regulations.

Why Is It Important?

Veriforce is important because it signifies your company as a place that complies with industry regulations. In many cases, clients have qualifications they seek out in contractors, vendors, and suppliers before hiring them. They can save time by using Veriforce to quickly look for companies that fit their needs and know they’re hiring quality workers. In addition, being in the Veriforce network increases your visibility by opening your company up to various clients and increasing your overall industry presence.

The Components of Veriforce

Veriforce blends leading-edge software and domain experience to drive efficiency within their network. With a combination of technology and expertise, here are some important components of Veriforce:

  • Centralize and streamline compliance processes for simple (client-friendly) compliance management.
  • Helps hiring clients to make informed contractor selection choices.
  • Report and measure contractor risk, safety, and compliance.
  • Efficiently and effectively manage compliance programs.
  • Train different workforces to improve safety and meet industry standards.
  • Implement client management practices.

What Makes Veriforce Elite?

Veriforce is an elite third-party contractor system that’s helpful to several companies. If you’re wondering what this system is like on the client side, check out these facts according to Veriforce:

  • Veriforce works with more than 350 hiring clients. With access to safety data of 25,000 contractor companies and 1.5 million workers, hiring clients can identify safety-conscious companies.
  • Veriforce is a leading network with a platform that speeds up prequalification assessments, allowing clients and contractors to get work done quickly.
  • Veriforce predicts a contractor, vendor, or supplier “risk status” that clients can read. Based on the hiring client’s criteria and the company’s safety documents (and other necessary information), Veriforce can weed out companies that don’t meet the hiring client’s qualifications.
  • Predictive analysis (with 92 percent accuracy) predicts the likelihood of problems that can arise. For instance, it can predict the likelihood of an employee being involved in an incident within the next 30 days.
  • Veriforce audits contractors, vendors, and suppliers’ safety programs and helps them reach industry compliance. By offering consulting services and over 400 instructor-led and computer training programs, Veriforce ensures that every company has access to proper training.
  • As the demand for contractor safety management continues, Veriforce is improving its existing programs, as well as enhancing risk management for its clients.

How Can You Join the Veriforce Network?

To join Veriforce, you must go to its website and click the “join our network” tab. This will direct you to a page with an option that says, “contractors start here.” From there, you must fill out the required information and upload different documents. In particular, a document you should expect to upload is your company’s safety program.

A team member from Veriforce will perform an audit and make sure you comply with different qualifications and standards. Once they approve your program, they may acquire more information and documents from your company. But once Veriforce approves everything, your company will be a part of the network.

Need Assistance?

If you need help with the application process or have any questions, you can contact Veriforce via email, phone, or web chat. A representative can answer questions or direct you to the appropriate department. It’s also important to note that Veriforce offers support from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT)!

Who Can Help You Become Veriforce Compliant?

When your company seeks Veriforce, it’s best to have a safety program that meets updated industry standards. This will save you time, as it can make the Veriforce audit go more quickly. If your program is outdated or lacking in certain areas, you can seek out a safety compliance company (like us) to help you become compliant. From handling questionnaires to acquiring industry-specific documents, compliance companies can help you gather the correct information. In addition, they can improve your company’s existing safety program to match industry standards.

How To Stay in the Veriforce Network

To stay in the Veriforce network, you must pay an annual subscription fee. Typically, this fee includes safety field and safety desk audits, along with evaluator authorization and training. However, Veriforce will give you the exact amount you must pay. In addition, your company must continuously meet Veriforce safety and regulatory requirements to remain a qualified candidate within the system. Fortunately, Veriforce has various instructor-led programs that help contractors stay up to date with industry standards and trends.

After reading our guide on why your company needs Veriforce and why it is important, we hope you learned more about this fantastic network. Remember, you can increase your industry visibility and attract hiring clients by being in this system. If you’re looking for help throughout the certification process and want to become Veriforce compliant, you should contact Industrial Compliance and Safety. Our team of experts will help you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!Why Does Your Company Need Veriforce? Why Is It Important?