Veriforce is a company that offers integrated compliance solutions between hiring clients and their contractors, vendors, or suppliers. The cost of an annual contractor Veriforce subscription can vary greatly, depending on the services requested by your hiring client and the needs of your company. The general Veriforce software is called VeriSource™, and it is an integrated software that tracks Operator Qualifications, Drug and Alcohol Compliance, Safety, and COI (Certificate of Insurance). VeriSource™ simplifies the management of critical compliance programs driven by both nationally-mandated and client-specific requirements, improving efficiency and reducing risk. The chart below outlines some of Veriforce’s program pricing. To gain a better idea of total annual subscription costs, contact your hiring client to learn exactly which services you will require.

Setting Up Safety Programs
Service  Cost
Sign up $250 one time fee
Safety field audit $1,500 per year
Safety desktop audit $350 per year
Evaluator authorization and training $800 per employee per year
Operator qualification $75 per employee per six months

What are the Benefits of a Veriforce™ Evaluation & Certification?

Veriforce™ allows clients and contractors to track their different compliance programs to ensure optimal workplace safety. Additionally, a contractor subscription to Veriforce™ quickly communicates to clients your safety records and overall company track record with regard to workplace incidents and injuries. Hiring clients can browse competitive contractor companies via Veriforce™, and then hire the best contractor to suit their needs. By managing your workplace safety and subscribing to Veriforce™, your company will gain exposure to clients and contracts that you might otherwise not discover.