ISNetworld® or Avetta® Letter to Join Their Program

Have You Received a Letter to join ISNetworld®?

You’ve been a loyal supplier/servicer to your valued customers for years and then all of the sudden, one day a  letter comes to you saying something along the lines of them establishing a business relationship with a qualifier such as ISNetworld®, Avetta®, PEC Premier, BROWZ®, Veriforce®, or any other similar company.

Everyone receives this type of letter if you are being requested to join because of a client to continue business with them. We know there can be many questions as to why you received this letter and what happens from here. After receiving your client letter we are here to help you through the process of getting compliant with any qualifier they may be using!

That’s where Industrial Compliance and Safety comes in. Our job is to minimize the impact of continuing to do business with your best customers by reducing the impact of creating and maintaining your account(s) on our own. In our experience, it can take companies over a month or longer if they choose to attempt to set up their ISNetworld®, Avetta®, PEC Premier or other accounts on their own. We can have all of your specific requirements created and submitted within 24-48 hours. Our compliance experts work directly with the qualifier, you, and your insurance company to gather and submit all the many required documents to get your account set up and create tailored EHS programs written specifically for your customer’s requirements. We also guarantee acceptance of these safety programs.

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