What is a Safety Compliance Consultant?

An industrial safety compliance consultant is someone who specializes in contractor compliance and the processes of certification. Industrial Compliance & Safety is a safety compliance consulting company, and our team works to help contractors like you achieve certification through ISNetworld®, and other similar certification services.


Benefits of Hiring an Industrial Safety Compliance Consultant

At Industrial Compliance & Safety, we have over twenty years of experience helping contractors become certified, and we are well-acquainted with all of the nuanced differences between various certification services. Essentially, hiring a safety compliance consultant means that you can focus on running your business while someone else manages the paperwork.

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Oversee the Certification Process 

If you are a contractor, a safety compliance consultant can oversee the process of certification for you. Pre-contract certification is a lot of work, as you need to submit answers to a client questionnaire, OSHA logs, insurance information, EMR letters, and custom safety programs. If you haven’t done this before (and even if you have), it can be a bit overwhelming. Each online auditing service (ISNetworld®, Cognibox®, etc.) evaluates their contractor applications differently, and it can be difficult to understand how to achieve the best score.


Optimize Applications for Certifications

What’s more, safety compliance consultants can quickly spot errors and areas that need improvement in contractor applications. If you apply for certification and are rejected, this can cause weeks of delay in your proposed contracting projects. A safety compliance consultant can quickly optimize applications for certification, thus reducing time gaps between applications and actual work.


Create Custom Safety Programs 

Safety compliance consultants can review which services & certifications you are needing safety programs for. Certification systems like ISNetworld®, PEC Premier, Veriforce®, and others have different requirements for the programs they request. Your clients can have different requirements on each respective certification system as well. Every safety program should be unique to your company and the work you will be doing for each client. This takes a lot of research, expertise and time. 


Cost to Hire Industrial Safety Compliance Consultant

The average cost of hiring a safety compliance consultant varies greatly on types of services needed and company size. You can choose to have a few of your certification accounts managed or all of them. In the industrial industry, having a consultant to manage your certification accounts and create & manage up to date safety programs is essential. This high risk field has many regulations and requirements that must be adhered to in order to grow your business. It is worth hiring an expert who can focus solely on the safety of your company. Look for an experienced, trusted company that is competitively priced for your safety compliance consultant needs.  


Why Choose Industrial Compliance & Safety as Your Compliance Consultant?

There are a few safety compliance consultants that you can select from to work with on your safety compliance needs. Choose a reputable company with the experience and expertise your company needs and  your employees deserve. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and business, our team is able to provide a unique experience and superb service to our clients.

  • WE ARE PASSIONATE: As dedicated safety compliance consultants, we have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in the United States. We ensure that all our work is done with utmost professionalism using our expert knowledge in safety compliance.
  • HONEST AND DEPENDABLE: For us, honesty is the only policy, and we strive to complete all work with integrity for all our clients.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING: We offer a great service that is at a low cost to you! Talk to one of our certification experts today to get a quote!


Certification Services We Specialize In:

  • ISNetworld® Certification
  • PEC Safety® Certification
  • BROWZ® Certification
  • Gold Shovel Standard® Certification
  • Veriforce® Certification
  • Complyworks® Certification
  • Cognibox® Certification
  • CCS® Certification
  • CanQual® Certification
  • Construct Secure® Certification


For any of the above certification processes, Industrial Compliance & Safety can complete your Account Setup, Account Maintenance and Safety Programs.


What’s Included in Industrial Certification Services?

  • Account Setup: Account Setup is our most popular service. Industrial Compliance will  create your account, submit all required documentation, answer all questionnaires, and write & submit custom safety programs. We do all of this in 24 - 48 hours, and you don’t have to lift a finger throughout the entire process of certification.
  • Account Maintenance: Our account maintenance program ensures continuous compliance with ISNetworld® and other certifications. With more complaint certifications under your belt, you’ll show clients and employees that you care about proper safety and wellbeing in the workplace. Additionally, you may add even more clients over the year which is good for business, but means new requirements will need to be satisfied with your account(s)!
  • Safety Programs: Industrial Compliance logs into your account by creating our own login so you can see everything we do and upload. Once we have access we begin creating the programs that are  required or requested in your account. Each program is tailored with your company name and made based on the requirements from your client. The next step in the process after the programs have been made is to upload them. Within 48 hours of you hiring us your programs will be uploaded to your account for review.


Industrial Compliance & Safety offers excellent customer service, with industry experts at your disposal for any questions or concerns you may have regarding contractor compliance. With our free consultation, one of our professionals will look at your account and provide you with feedback and information about the best services for your company's needs.

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