What is ISNetworld®?

What is ISNetworld®?

ISNetworld®, commonly referred to as ISN®, is an online data management system used for vetting and pre-qualifying contractors for work.

Purpose of ISN®

There are over 70,000 contractors and supplier companies from a variety of industries such as Oil and Gas, Pipeline, Energy, factories, and supply companies. These companies use ISNetworld® to prequalify their contractors for work. ISN® helps Hiring Clients streamline the procurement process and aids Hiring Clients in reducing the amount of administrative work involved in obtaining the paperwork necessary to qualify a vendor.

ISNetworld® Cost

How much does ISNetworld® cost for your company? It depends. The costs are based on the average number of employees your company has recorded on your OSHA logs for the last 3 years. You can reference the ISN® membership fees here.

What is Involved?

Once you get an ISNetworld® membership, the next step is to get certified through the compliance process. This process entails uploading documents and answering a series of 1,200 questions called an MSQ® or Management Systems Questionnaire®. For the document upload you will need:

  • 3 years of OSHA logs
  • Insurance (COI & EMR)
  • Safety programs (RAVS®)

Once these documents are uploaded to ISN®, they will then go through an extensive review which takes 2-3 days for the OSHA logs and insurance documents and weeks for the RAVS®.

Once you complete and satisfy the above requirements, each new client you add to your account will require additional requirements and over time there could be additional client documents required and requests for

Need Expedited Certification?

If you are already in a time crunch to qualify for work, give us a call, we have the tools and staff to help you qualify quickly.

ISNetworld® RAVS Plus Audit

After you have been graded by ISN® and have become certified in ISNetworld®, then we can also help you potentially obtain a better grade. Feel free to give us a call to help you troubleshoot your grade.

What else can ISNetworld® do for me:

  • Marketing: The marketing functions in ISN® have proven to be influential and there are free facets you can utilize within the system.
  • Safety: ISNetworld® holds your company to high safety standards and expects your company to meet the safety standards of the high-risk companies regardless of your type of work.

Industrial Compliance & Safety Net LLC helps you with total compliance - Contact us for a quote today. We help with ISNetworld®, Avetta®, PEC Safety®, CCS®, Veriforce®, Canqual, & Complyworks®.

Follow our blogs to find out more about the functions and tips in ISN®.

Industrial Compliance & Safety Net LLC is an independently-owned company. Industrial Compliance & Safety Net LLC is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with Avetta®, BROWZ®, NCMS®, ComplyWorks®, ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, PICS®, CanQual®, Cognibox® & Veriforce®.*ISNetworld® is a registered trademark of ISN Software Corporation.

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