6 Tips for Maintaining Your ISNetworld® Certification

6 Tips for Maintaining Your ISNetworld® Certification

ISNetworld® is a third-party system that verifies contractors’ safety, procurement, regulatory, and quality data. Sometimes, clients request this information from contractors for their services. Here are six tips for maintaining your ISNetworld® certification that you must know about.

Know the Dates of Your Insurance Policies

Insurance compliance is typically a major component of ISNetworld® compliance. Maintaining current certifications is key. Take note of your insurance dates and proactively submit your new policy information. If your COI expires in the system, your grade will drop.

Check the Account Regularly

Frequently checking your account is vital to maintaining passing grades. Each month, new tasks are opened that require your attention. Often, hiring clients requires that your man-hours be submitted into the Site Tracker as part of your grade. New acknowledgment forms and grading components are released regularly.

Prepare for Audits

Maintaining ISNetworld® certification requires thorough tracking of your safety statistics. Utilizing client-specific documents, checklists, timely training with RAVS®, roster retention, and tracking TQs and OQs is essential. Keeping organized and thorough records will not only safeguard your employees but prepare you for any ISNetworld® audits.

Update Contact Information

As mentioned previously, you never want to upload false or outdated information into your ISNetworld® account. One tip for maintaining your ISNetworld® certification is to update contact information. Hiring clients frequently releases new requirements that can be impactful on your grade. Updating contact information reduces the chance of any delayed communication.

Use a Wide Variety of Safety Programs

ISNetworld® uses a wide variety of safety programs for many different industries and specific client requirements. You should have access to this variety. These include MSQ questions, T-RAVS® and RAVS® safety programs, operator qualifications, and client-specific documents. Using a wide selection of training programs shows clients that you’re properly certified to handle all their needs.

Update OSHA Logs and Employee Incidents

Lastly, be sure to update your OSHA logs and employee incidents. It’s important to ensure a record of complete transparency to your clients. Whether it’s through tracking your Experience Modification Rate or maintaining your OSHA 300 logs, remember to update on an annual basis.

Fortunately, Industrial Compliance and Safety has ISNetworld® RAVS® safety programs for you. If you’re struggling with your ISNetworld® account, we’ll help you. From questionnaires to form requests and client requirements, we have the knowledge to set you on the right path. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll keep your company ISNetworld® compliant.