4 Key Reasons You Need an ISN Certification

4 Key Reasons You Need an ISN Certification

ISNetworld® is a third-party system that verifies contractors’ safety compliance data to qualify them to work with various clients who require an ISN certification. If your company doesn’t have this certification or you’re thinking about getting one, check out these four key reasons you need an ISN certification.

Ensure Your Company Follows Safety Compliance

To be a part of ISNetworld®, your company must meet safety compliance, and various requirements in your industry. Being ISN certified proves that your company meets and continuously follows the best safety practices and prioritizes employee health and safety. With ever-changing and evolving industry policies, you will have the assurance that you meet the necessary requirements.

Exposure to Hundreds of Hiring Clients

By joining the ISN database, your company will be visible to a large network of hiring clients that can contact you for specific jobs. If you’re looking for new clients or want to boost your industry presence, this certification can help you! Once vetted into the network, hiring clients can assess your qualifications and determine if your company meets their safety standards. Then, they can go forward with pursuing your services.

Considered for High Paying Jobs

As previously mentioned, ISNetworld® gives your company exposure to hundreds of hiring clients. And some of these clients are large corporations looking for reliable contractors and suppliers. This may lead to a significant profit for your company and consistent work. Ultimately, it “pays” to be in the ISN network.

Stay Updated on Industry-Specific Regulations

While in the ISN network, you can expect audits and regular check-ups on your company to ensure that you’re following updated safety regulations. Given this essential aspect, you must stay on top of changes and industry-specific requirements. Fortunately, with the help of safety trainings and programs that ISNetworld® provides, you can always know what’s going on within your industry.

After learning about these four key reasons you need an ISN certification, we hope you seek out this accreditation for your company. If you need help and would like an Isnetworld® consultant, please contact Industrial Compliance and Safety. With over 20 years of experience, we help companies get the right certifications every time!

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