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Importance of Avetta® Compliance

Clients and suppliers in the industrial industry both benefit from using the Avetta® platform. The Avetta® platform helps clients and suppliers manage their relationships and the jobs they will be working on together. Avetta® compliance helps industrial clients with their supplier pre qualification process and helps improve suppliers workplace safety and reliability.

What is Avetta®?

Avetta® provides the foundation for clients, suppliers, contractors, workers, and vendors to forge stronger relationships, ensuring every workplace is safe and sustainable. Avetta® is their contractor and supplier compliance management system that provides clients and suppliers better visibility in their supply chain network. Clients using the Avetta®compliance management system can manage their hiring process of suppliers, contractors, or vendors. Suppliers use Avetta® to increase transparency on their qualifications and ability to meet specific job requirements for potential jobs. In addition to their supply chain risk management (SCRM) system, Avetta® offers a few other programs: 

  • Supply Chain Data Analytics
  • API Integrations
  • Avetta® Marketplace
    • Supplier’s have an added benefit of having access to discounts through Avetta® Marketplace, on insurance, PPE, and more.


Avetta® also provides a variety of training and assessments to clients and suppliers to learn more about Avetta programs as well as risk management. Some of their risk modules include: Health & Safety, Workforce Qualifications, Sustainability & ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, Financial Viability, Liability and Cybersecurit.

Who Uses Avetta®?

Several industries use the Avetta® supply chain risk management platform including:

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Facilities Management Industry 
  • Chemical Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Utilities & Energy Industry
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Transportation & Logistics Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Individuals within these industries that can utilize and benefit from Avetta®’s SCRM include:

  • Clients
      • A unified platform that manages risk across safety, liability, workforce qualifications, sustainability, diversity qualifications, financial health, and cyber security programs.
  • Suppliers
      • A reduction in time and cost being able to demonstrate superior business qualifications, across many clients, from a single system.
  • Workers
      • A centralized workforce portal where they can digitally store their required job roles, training, competencies, and certifications.
  • Partners
    • An open marketplace and community to provide services on the world’s largest SCRM platform.

What is Avetta® Compliant?

Avetta® compliant refers to having all requirements and unique client specifications within the Avetta® platform met. Being in compliance with a client simply means you meet their exact hiring requirements for their particular needs or job. Suppliers have a better chance of being hired if potential clients can quickly and easily see your pre qualifications and certifications.

Benefits for Clients 

Avetta® helps clients have better supply chain visibility from the first job to the final analysis. A few Avetta® compliance benefits for contractors include:

  • Supplier Qualification
    • Define your own compliance criteria and KPIs within Avetta®’s platform. Avetta®collects and reviews supplier documentation to ensure your requirements are met.

  • Monitoring
    • Avetta® proactively collects insurance renewal information & safety data annually to protect your business. 

  • Evaluation & Analytics
    • Avetta® uses intuitive analytics and data visualization to gain deeper supply chain insights. They can help you determine your safest, best-quality and most sustainable suppliers.

Benefits for Suppliers 

Suppliers save time and costs by using one system to demonstrate compliance across all risks. Suppliers in compliance can also find new jobs within the Avetta® Network and receive workforce training and third-party certification.

  • Health & Safety
    • Supplier pre-qualification ensures safe and compliant suppliers among all industries and geographies.

  • Workforce Management 
    • Determine competencies required for each role and worker delivering services. Verify worker training, certifications and qualifications so only qualified workers are allowed on-site.

  • Visibility
    • Suppliers are able to see client job specifications and requirements to ensure they have the proper certifications for that specific job. 

Why Do You Need to be Avetta® Compliant?

Avetta® compliance has become an essential part of doing businesses in the industrial world. Businesses across many different industries collectively utilize Avetta®’s SCRM  to achieve safer work environments, more transparent & efficient supply chains and improved sustainability. Whether you operate in the oil & gas industry, the utilities & energy industry or the pharmaceutical industry, Avetta® compliance is vital. Many clients will not hire a supplier that is not Avetta® compliant. Avetta® compliance shows clients that the supplier is a safe and reliable company to work with. 

Avetta® Compliance Cost

The cost to maintain Avetta® certification can vary. There is an annual enrollment fee as well as a one time setup fee upon initial enrollment. Different factors contribute to the overall cost and potential discounts your company may receive. Your annual enrollment fee could range anywhere from $350 to $500 but could be different based on your situation. 

How To Become Avetta® Compliant 

Becoming Avetta® compliant allows suppliers to demonstrate their qualifications and credibility to potential clients. There are four main steps to getting started with Avetta® compliance management system:

  1. Register - Complete your profile by answering questions about your business
  2. Upload your client-required information
  3. Achieve compliance with your client’s requirements - Compliance means you’re ready to resume work with your client 
  4. Promote your safer business to 500+ hiring clients

Industrial Compliance & Safety is here to help you with your Avetta® compliance. We can help you obtain and maintain your certification. Use your time to grow your business and nurture the success of your employees while we keep you up to date with an industry necessity.

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