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Common Safety Compliance Questions to Consider For The New Year

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As we approach the new 2024 year, understanding and adhering to safety regulations is important for contractors committed to maintaining safety compliance in their work environments. This FAQ resource is designed to address common inquiries related to industrial safety. Whether you're well-versed in industry protocols or just starting, this guide offers helpful insights into key aspects of safety compliance as you evaluate your business’s needs for the coming year.

Safety Compliance Help - FAQs for the New Year:

Q:  What is the deadline for Annual Update completion?  

A:  Each hiring client can assign variations of requirements. The systems themselves generally allow until around the first of March. We highly suggest completing the process as quickly as possible due to the often-long review process.


Q:  What happens if my OSHA logs are rejected?

A:  Thoroughly review your logs for accuracy, noting that each component is accurate and complete. Your pre-qualification system will likely provide reasons for your rejections.


Q:  What is an EMR?

A:  EMR stands for Experience Modification Rate and can be obtained from your workers’ compensation insurance agent.


Q:  What happens if I report injuries on my OSHA logs?

A:  Annual injuries will impact your safety statistics. Your hiring clients have specific requirements related to your LTR, DART, and TRIR. You’re likely to see a drop in your grades with injuries.  You may need to directly communicate with your client if your new submissions remove you from compliance.


Q:  I’m a small company and am not required to submit OSHA logs.  What should I do?

A:  As part of our Annual Maintenance Plan, Industrial Compliance and Safety will happily complete these on your behalf.  The purpose is to accurately report employees, hours, and any injuries.  


Q:  My scorecard shows that I’ve had a fatality and I have an F grade – why?

A:  Many hiring clients consider your safety statistics across three years. Until your previous year’s safety statistics are submitted, this particular component of your grade will be impacted.


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