OSHA Serious vs. Willful Violations: What’s the Difference?

Common Safety Compliance Questions to Consider For The New Year

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As we approach the new 2024 year, understanding and adhering to safety regulations is important for contractors committed to maintaining safety compliance in their work environments. This FAQ resource is designed to address common inquiries related to industrial safety. Whether you're well-versed in industry protocols or just starting, this guide offers helpful insights into key aspects of safety compliance as you evaluate your business’s needs for the coming year.

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What Are the Most Important Oil and Gas Certifications?

Contractor Safety Compliance For 2024

As a contractor, safety compliance is essential for the well-being of both your team and the people you are servicing. Proper preparation for safety compliance can help ensure your work is following safety regulations, reducing the chance of penalties or injuries. Having an inclusive plan that everyone understands is key to maintaining safety compliance throughout projects regardless of their size or complexity.

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Construction site safety sign

Safety Challenges in the Canadian Trucking Industry: Solutions and Best Practices

Safety challenges are a great concern for professionals in the Canadian trucking industry who work tirelessly to transport goods across the country. Addressing these challenges is important in ensuring the safety of truck drivers, the integrity of cargo, and the well-being of other road users. Learn more about the safety challenges faced by professionals in the Canadian trucking industry and how to provide effective solutions and best practices to overcome these obstacles.

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Construction Industry

WHMIS Requirements for Canadian Employers

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of understanding “What is WHMIS” and its relevance to workplace safety. Building upon that foundation, it is important for employers in Canada to be well-versed in the specific WHMIS requirements to ensure safety compliance in their workplaces.

WHMIS, which stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, is a comprehensive system designed to provide information about hazardous materials used in Canadian workplaces. Its main objective is to ensure the health and safety of workers by providing them with the necessary information to handle hazardous materials safely.

For those employing workers in Canada, understanding and complying with WHMIS requirements is not only a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility. WHMIS protocols help employers create a safer work environment, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, protect the health of their employees, and safeguard their business from potential liabilities.

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