5 Key Factors That Determine Your ISN Rating

5 Key Factors That Determine Your ISN® Rating

To be a successful company, you need to be seen as safe, qualified and reliable. Workplace safety is one of the most crucial elements of industrial work. It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to become a certified and reliable company in any industry. Your ISN® (ISNetworld®) rating is one metric that can make or break your company’s status. There are five key factors that determine your ISN® rating. Knowing what these five factors are can help you to make improvements and ultimately increase your ISN® rating. A higher ISN® rating shows potential clients that you are reliable, trustworthy, and efficient to work with.

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5 Steps for ISNetworld® Certification

How to Get Your ISNetworld® Certification

ISNetworld® Membership comes with many benefits for your business including unique marketing opportunities. But is membership enough? It is becoming more and more necessary for construction companies and general contractors to receive certification for ISN® safety compliance. ISNetworld® Certification is vital to placing bids and securing contracts for jobs. Industrial Compliance and Safety is here to help your business become ISNetworld® Certified. Our experts specialize in helping contractors obtain ISN® compliance approval within the ISNetworld® system. Here are 5 main steps that can help you navigate the certification process.

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What Is a Good ISN Rating for Your Company?

What Is a Good ISN Rating for Your Company?

While going through the ISNetworld® submission process, many questions may cross your mind. For instance, many contractors and supplies wonder, What is a good ISN rating for my company? Fortunately, we have a guide that will break down the answer! Keep reading to learn more.

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How Do You Ensure Safety Compliance in the Workplace?

How Do You Ensure Safety Compliance in the Workplace?

Companies hold the responsibility of maintaining a safe workplace. From upper management to workers, everyone must hold themselves accountable for fostering a healthy work environment. To ensure safety compliance in the workplace, here are some things companies can execute.

Make a Company-Wide Commitment to Safety

The only way safety compliance becomes effective is through a company-wide commitment. All employees must work together to create a secure environment that prioritizes safety on all company ends. Upper management can write policies, create training programs, and respond to employee concerns. Then, workers can actively participate in upper management efforts to ensure a better workplace.

Identify and Control Safety Hazards

Before companies can control safety hazards, they must identify them. Companies can review past accident records, employee injury logs, or address “close call” situations to pinpoint hazards. While reviewing records, upper management can look for common factors in:

  • Kinds of injuries
  • Time of day/shifts
  • Cause of accidents
  • Location
  • Equipment used in the situation

Properly Train Employees

Another way to ensure safety compliance in the workplace is to properly train employees. After companies identify hazards, it’s time to train workers to follow the best safety practices. From demonstrations to updating manuals, companies can help employees stay safe while holding them accountable for workplace practices.

Comply With OSHA Regulations

OSHA is a significant driving force for safety regulations within all industries. OSHA composes industry-specific regulations that help companies operate without injuring employees while prioritizing their health. Everything from protective gear rules to work hours, OSHA expects companies to uphold their standards. Being compliant with OSHA is one of the easiest ways to ensure safety because their rules create reliable and healthy workplaces.

Continuously Improve Safety Programs

Ensuring safety is a continuous effort that companies must commit to every day. This entails removing or updating policies and improving programs. Reviewing the program’s strengths and weaknesses can help upper management fine tune policies and make a better work environment. Ultimately, companies should never put safety on the backburner.

As the top safety compliance company, Industrial Safety and Compliance prioritizes safety among several industries. Through custom programs and pre-qualification assistance, Industrial Safety and Compliance will ensure that your company follows the best practices and meets industry standards. If you have any questions, please contact us today!

Why Does Your Company Need Veriforce? Why Is It Important?

Why Does Your Company Need Veriforce? Why Is It Important?

Do you want your company to become visible to a wide range of clients? If so, you should consider joining the Veriforce network. This third-party contractor system helps hiring clients to select the right contractors, vendors, and suppliers for their industry needs. If you’re wondering why your company needs Veriforce and why it is important, follow our guide for the answer!

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