3 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Consultants

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Safety Compliance Consultant

Across all industries, corporations have a vital obligation to ensure worker safety and legal compliance. Many firms use safety compliance experts to understand the confusing world of safety laws, establish efficient safety procedures, and obtain compliance with ISNetworld® (ISN®), Avetta, and Veriforce. To maximize the value of these consultants’ services and guarantee the best possible safety results, employing the appropriate safety compliance consultant is vital. There are five important things to keep in mind when choosing a safety compliance consultant.  

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1. Expertise & Qualifications

Evaluating the consultant’s professional background and experience in safety compliance is important. Consider how long they have been a consultant and what projects/ certifications they have handled. It is also worth looking for any notable achievements or certifications they may have. 

They are verifying the safety consultant company’s track record of successful engagements. Request references, case studies, or stats of success from the consultant company to learn more about their expertise and how they can potentially help your company.

2. Industry Knowledge & Understanding

Choose a compliance consultant who knows ISNetworld®, Avetta, and Veriforce systems

Safety compliance requirements can vary across different platforms as well as different industries due to different risks and regulations. Ensure that the consultant has a deep understanding of your industry’s specific safety compliance challenges, regulations, and standards. They should be able to provide guidance tailored to your industry’s unique needs and compliance obligations.

The field of safety compliance is constantly evolving, with new best practices and evolving federal and state regulations. A knowledgeable safety consultant company stays ahead of these developments and can help your organization implement cutting-edge safety practices helping your company stay industry-compliant.

Your safety compliance consultant should know these important industries:

3. Customization & Tailored Solutions

Each organization has unique safety requirements and challenges. An experienced safety consultant has the ability to customize their approach and tailor safety programs to suit your organization’s specific needs. Compliance with contract management systems often requires very specific safety programs requested by hiring clients. Every hiring client’s job is unique and every worksite environment is different. First Compliance Safety creates clear and practical guidelines, procedures, and training materials that address your unique safety risks and compliance obligations.

4. Communication & Collaboration Skills

Open and effective communication is essential for successful collaboration with a safety compliance consultant. Having an open line of communication helps speed up the certification process and address any issues in a timely manner. Industrial safety compliance services that have streamlined their processes are going to provide you with a quick turnaround. A good safety compliance consultant will troubleshoot your lower grades on a periodical basis and stay in communication with you to commit to a game plan in increasing your grades. 

5. References & Client Feedback

Inquire about testimonials from the safety compliance consultant and reach out to their previous clients to gain insights into their experiences. Engage in conversations with these references to gather feedback on the consultant’s professionalism, expertise, responsiveness, and overall effectiveness in supporting safety compliance efforts.

In addition to direct references, explore online platforms and industry-specific forums where clients may have shared their experiences with the safety compliance consultant. Look for reviews, ratings, and testimonials to gain a broader perspective on their reputation and the satisfaction levels of their clients. While online reviews should be approached with caution, they can provide additional information to consider when making a hiring decision.

Industrial Compliance & Safety is Your Regulatory Compliance Partner

Ultimately seek out a safety compliance consultant who is always acting in your best interest, which entails logging into your account weekly to address any grade changes or new document requirements. A good industrial safety consultant is on top of your accounts and 100% available to your inquiries and requests. Safety compliance consultants like Industrial Compliance & Safety support your growing your business through your ISNetworld®, Avetta and Veriforce accounts. 

Choose a safety compliance expert that will keep your workplace safe & compliant. Industrial Compliance & Safety is your partner in regulatory safety compliance and contractor management system certification support. Contact us today to get support with your safety compliance certifications!


*Updated June 2024 for more accurate information*

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