3 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Consultants

3 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Consultants

Sometimes your team simply can’t fulfill the job requirements at hand due to workplace injuries or high-risk environments. That’s where safety consultants come into play. They have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to better equip your company for all work-related incidents. Be sure to avoid these three mistakes companies make when hiring consultants to keep workers safe and accountable in your industry.

Not Vetting Drivers

In the trucking industry, it’s important to vet your drivers to ensure a clean driving record. Thorough background checks and clean CDL records ensure driver safety and compliance on and off the road. Even with a CDL, truck drivers must understand the rigging process, maintenance, and traffic laws that pertain to motorist safety. Given that improper vetting is how ISN®, Avetta®, and other safety portals originated, certified trucking companies need to ensure their drivers adhere to the best safety practices in the industry to reduce risk both on the road and at the warehouse.

Neglecting Possible Safety Risks

Without a proper safety consultant, truck drivers face serious safety risks for themselves and other motorists. For example, falls, ergonomic injuries, fires, fume inhalation, and getting caught between objects are some of the most dangerous risks involved with truck driving. Hauling large or unsecured loads poses great physical risk for transport workers and warehouse workers. Additionally, safety consultants ensure proper compliance to driving and warehouse operations to reduce these issues. With a sufficient understanding of OSHA guidelines and procedures, safety consultants reduce fatalities, injuries, and other workplace violations to keep everyone safe and secure.

Not Compliant To Industry-Specific Guidelines

Make sure your safety consultant understands industry-specific safety guidelines before hiring. One of the biggest mistakes companies make when they hire consultants is ignoring these references. Professional safety consultants or contractors understand the risks involved with any industry. Trucking companies’ tailored safety programs pertain to inclement weather, fall protection, road safety, defensive driving, and so on. They’ll also prepare you for pre-qualification services such as ISNetworld® or Avetta® to provide formal safety manuals for your company. These safety guidelines reduce onsite consequences and accidents, and better prepare your trucking company for future operations.

When you’ve found the right safety consultant for your trucking company, inform them of all the proper safety and compliance requirements. Industrial Compliance and Safety has the right safety manuals for trucking companies and other industries to inform you of all the risks and possible OSHA violations within them. As with any line of work, it’s crucial to keep everyone safe and accountable on and off the jobsite. Call us with any questions—we’re happy to help.