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Safety Consultants For RAVS® Safety Programs

Safety consultants play a large role in assisting contractors with writing and reviewing safety programs that meet legal regulations as well as strict requirements for some of the industries most important certifications. Industry certifications such as ISNetworld® show hiring clients that you are a reputable company that has done their due diligence and promotes a safe working environment. With the help and support of safety consultants, industrial contractors implement superior safety programs, create safer work environments and maintain industry certifications more easily. 

What are RAVS® Safety Programs?


RAVS® (Review and Verification Services) is used by ISNetworld® as a way to verify everything from insurance documentation, safety protocol development and the effectiveness of safety programs. Undergoing the RAVS® process is a vital step in your overall certification with ISNetworld®.

RAVS® Plus 

RAVS® plus is an implementation assessment of a contractor’s written HSE Programs that is designed to bridge the gap between the RAVS Desktop review and a hiring client’s on-site observations. This is an additional step in the due diligence process to ensure that what is written on paper in a contractor’s safety program is being implemented in day-to-day operations.


Contractor Benefits


  • Identifies evidence of program implementation
  • Prepares contractors for hiring client audits
  • Drives safety culture improvement
  • Results are shared with all ISNetworld Hiring Clients to reduce duplication and audit fatigue


RAVS® Empowers Industrial Contractors 

ISNetworld® ‘s Review and Verification Services empowers contractors to improve upon and implement thorough safety programs that help reduce job site risk and protect the health of their employees. Contractors and hiring clients using  RAVS® are collectively improving the industrial industry for the better. 


What is a Third Party Safety Compliance Consultant?


Compliance consultants are experts in pre-certifying your business for much needed industry certifications such as ISNetworld® & RAVS®. Oftentimes these hiring clients will only hire contractors with these certifications as well as others (Avetta®). Compliance consultants guide you through the varying processes of certification. Every industrial compliance qualification firm has its own unique criteria for grading contractors. A safety compliance consultant acts as a mediator between contractors and these firms to ensure paperwork and details for certification are accurate. This frees up a lot of time for contractors to focus on running their business. 

Benefits of a Safety Compliance Consultant 

The use of a safety compliance consultant has additional benefits for contractors. Using a compliance consultant shows industrial qualification firms and potential hiring clients that you are operating in good faith. Contractors who work hand in hand with a third-party consulting company, show that a good faith effort is being put forth towards improving the safety of their employees.


State and federal regulations are constantly being reviewed and revised to address new concerns in regards to environmental responsibility, safety, and employee health. New equipment, new processes and new technology all create new opportunities for risk requiring new regulation and safety measures. Industrial compliance safety consultants monitor these regulation and certification updates for you. They keep your company responsible and responsive to industry changes while your team maintains focus on the job. 

RAVS® Safety Programs are supportive of safety compliance consultants. Industrial Compliance and Safety works with you and your business to achieve and maintain RAVS® Safety compliance.

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