Complyworks® Cost

Like many prequalification services, Complyworks® is an online company that specializes in overseeing the relationships between hiring organizations and their contractors. The Complyworks® CMS (Compliance Management Solution) allows hiring organizations to monitor the compliance of their contractors, ensuring that all documentation is in order and all employees are thoroughly trained before arriving to worksites. If you are a contractor, you may be required by one of your clients to register through Complyworks® before beginning a project. Before registering, it is important to know the subscription cost. An annual Complyworks® subscription in 2021 is between $489 to $3989, depending on your number of employees. The chart below provides full pricing details:

Setting Up Safety Programs
Service  Cost
Sign up $250 one time fee
Safety field audit $1,500 per year
Safety desktop audit $350 per year
Evaluator authorization and training $800 per employee per year
Operator qualification $75 per employee per six months

What are the benefits of a Complyworks® subscription?

The Complyworks® CMS is not only helpful to hiring organizations in analyzing compliance records, but also to contractors who want to make sure they are up to date with all safety standards. The intuitive software system easily allows you to scan for notifications and monitor employee training records. In fact, you can upload employee onboarding materials into your Complyworks® account, and have employees register and complete training through this digital platform. Additionally, you can use your Complyworks® account to send bulletins and collect signatures from your employees, thus ensuring that proper communication is occurring throughout your workplace. The CMS is an easy, one-stop location for ensuring your company keeps safety as a top priority.