Cognibox® Costs
Cognibox® is a global leader in the fields of compliance and contractor risk management. They are known for combining professional experience, software, training, and a thorough outsourcing service to ensure contractors complete tasks with quality, efficiency, and safety. 

If you are a contractor, you may be asked by your hiring client to become certified through Cognibox®. Certification requires an annual subscription to Cognibox®, which is calculated based on your number of employees. Please note that you only need to register employees that will have direct access to the client worksite.     

Number of employees to register Annual 2021 Cognibox® Pricing
0 – 2 $780 plus tax
3 – 5 $1,000 plus tax
6 – 20 $1,230 plus tax
21 – 35 $1,690 plus tax
36 – 50 $2,000 plus tax
51 – 75 $2,425 plus tax
76 – 100 $2,850 plus tax
101 – 150 $4,000 plus tax
151 – 200 $5,150 plus tax
201 – 250 $7,150 plus tax
251 – 400 $8,450 plus tax
401 – 600 $10,350 plus tax
601 – 700 $11,050 plus tax
701 – 800 $12,050 plus tax
801 – 900 $12,950 plus tax
901 – 1,000 $14,300 plus tax
1,001 or more To be determined


What are the benefits of a Cognibox® subscription?

Even if you have not been prompted by a client to get certified with Cognibox®, you may want to consider doing so. Cognibox® offers contractors and suppliers an intuitive, open platform for exchanging information directly with clients. Their professional administrative support team also enhances your chances of securing contracts with major hiring organizations.

Additionally, a Cognibox® subscription includes exclusive access to internationally recognized organizations. Your contracting company is guaranteed to be seen by one hundred or more hiring organizations, including Glencore, Kruger, and Finkl Steel. 

Cognibox® follows a proven methodology for contractor success. Testimonials on the Cognibox® website indicate that some subscribers have seen their volume of contracts triple in five years, while others have hired over one hundred employees in five years. The subscription fee may seem like a lot of money upfront, but many contractors claim that the subscription practically pays for itself.