Gold Shovel Standard® - Things to Know

What’s Happening To The Gold Shovel Standard?

Gold Shovel was recently acquired by Common Ground Alliance. Dues paid to Gold Shovel will be recognized by Common Ground Alliance. The company is transitioning in the month of January. Members of the Gold Shovel Standard will become members of the Common Ground Alliance. Emails will be sent out and a link will be provided to enroll in DPI to become accredited.

What is the Gold Shovel standard?

Gold Shovel is a not-for-profit organization that created a single uniform standard for excavation safety with the goal of reducing damage on sites. Gold Shovel Standard certifies contractors that are required to adopt a policy to only use subcontractors who are Gold Shovel Standard certified as well. Transparency in policy-making and application is a foundational element of the Gold Shovel Standard.


Why is Gold Shovel Important?

In the construction industry, the Gold Shovel safety standard has been an important certification to abide by. It was created to ensure workers who are involved in any form of excavation or groundwork were up to date on various safety regulations and requirements. Over the years, Gold Shovel certification has been taken seriously by contractors, leading to a reduction of the number of accidents on hazardous job sites.


Gold Shovel was recently acquired by Common Ground Alliance (CGA) on January 3, 2023.  As they are working to transition members into their systems you may have questions about your current status and next steps. Currently, if you are a member in good standing with Gold Shovel as of December 31, 2022, you will now become a CGA member and do not need to apply for membership.  All dues paid to Gold Shovel will be honored by CGA.   


What Do I Need to Do Next?

The acquisition of Gold Shovel Standard by Common Ground Alliance has yet to fully merge but Industrial Compliance and Safety is here to help guide you every step of the way. It can be difficult to understand how or if certifications will change so we’re here to help. 

If you need additional information about the transition process to move over to CGA and their DPI (Damage Prevention Institute) program please contact our compliance experts today for support!

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