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How Do You Become Avetta® Compliant?

Businesses across a vast array of industries are getting on board with Avetta® compliance. Clients and suppliers have both seen the benefits of using Avetta®’s supply chain risk management system (SCRM). Owners and employees operating in the chemical industry, construction industry, utilities & energy industry, telecommunications industry, construction industry and more can all benefit from Avetta compliance. 

What is Avetta® Compliant?

Avetta® compliant refers to having all requirements and unique client specifications within the Avetta® platform met. Being in compliance with a client simply means you meet their exact hiring requirements for their particular needs or job. Suppliers have a better chance of being hired if potential clients can quickly and easily see their pre qualifications and certifications.

Avetta® Certification Requirements

Clients and suppliers must be prequalified for certification with Avetta®. There are several different programs and documentation that need to be provided for pre qualification. In addition to these requirements, clients will have their own specific requirements for each job. Some documentation you will need to have on hand includes:

  • COI
    • COI stands for Certificate of Insurance. This document is issued by your insurance company or broker and is used to verify the existence of insurance coverage. It will list the effective dates, type and amount of coverage listed on your policy.
  • HSE Programs
    • HSE stands for Health, Safety and Environmental. All the HSE Programs that are required to be submitted to Avetta® are typically based on the work types you list in the account and regions you work in. 
  • EMR Letter
    • An EMR letter is a document issued by your insurance company that contains your EMR or Experience Modification Rate (also referred to as an E-MOD). An EMR number that represents the cost of your past injuries and the estimation of risk related to your company.
  •  OSHA Forms 
    • Part of setting up your Avetta® account is providing your OSHA 300 logs for the past 3 years if you are a U.S. based company. This is required so the proper TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate), LWIR (Lost Workday Incident Rate) and DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) can be accurately identified for your company.

Steps to Avetta® Compliance

Becoming Avetta® compliant allows suppliers to demonstrate their qualifications and credibility to potential clients. There are four main steps to getting started with Avetta® compliance management system:

  1. Register: Complete your profile by answering questions about your business
  2. Upload your client-required information
  3. Achieve compliance with your client’s requirements (Compliance means you’re ready to resume work with your client)
  4. Promote your safer business to 500+ hiring clients

Maintaining Your Avetta® Certification

Requirements and job specifications are always changing. Each client will have unique requirements for each one of their jobs. Suppliers must be able to update their certifications and documentation to stay up to date with these changes. Regulations are also constantly evolving in an effort to reduce work risks and create a safer work environment. Avetta® Certification is a continuous process that requires frequent assessments and updates to be successful. 

Help with Avetta® Compliance

Getting started with Avetta® compliance is easy with Industrial Compliance & Safety. We are a passionate, dependable and experienced team that helps businesses achieve and maintain compliance within the Avetta® platform. While there are only a few steps for Avetta® certification, each step can be quite involved and complex. Errors on forms and required paperwork can set you back delaying your certification, potentially missing out on beneficial jobs. Procuring help with your compliance saves you a tremendous amount of time that can be better spent building a successful business. 


Items that need special attention and care when applying for Avetta® certification include:    

  • Correct Forms & Documentation
    • You will need to ensure you are submitting the correct requested forms and documentation that is free from clerical errors.
  • Avetta® Compliance Questionnaire
    • There can be hundreds of questions on this questionnaire. It is important to answer them accurately to avoid any delays. 
  • Avetta® Safety Programs
    • Creation and submission of industry-specific Avetta® safety programs. 
  • Ongoing Management & Maintenance
    • Ongoing management and maintenance of your account is a necessity to stay compliant with any new requirements that may appear on your account.

Industrial Compliance & Safety helps you accurately complete your PQF questionnaire, annual updates, site-specific questionnaires, and manual audits for your business. We provide personalized expertise in the energy and utility industries, along with many others.

Benefits of Working with Industrial Compliance

Our expert compliance staff has over 20 years’ experience and has a proven track record of helping businesses meet and maintain Avetta® safety compliance. We are a pre-qualification assistance company based out of Charlotte, NC. with expertise in ISNetworld®, Avetta®, PEC Premier and all the other large and small certification systems out there. We are committed to helping your business achieve contractor compliance!

  • WE ARE PASSIONATE - As dedicated safety compliance consultants, we have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in the United States. We ensure that all our work is done with utmost professionalism using our expert knowledge in safety compliance.
  • HONEST AND DEPENDABLE - We are transparent with our services, costs, and programs. We value your trust in us to evaluate and meet your company’s needs. We take pride in proving ourselves reliable and trustworthy as we build our working relationship with another!
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING - We offer a great service that is at a low cost to you! Talk to one of our certification experts today to get a quote!
  • YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT - We value your time as an owner or manager running a business. Open communication that provides clear and realistic expectations on deadlines and schedules is key. Industrial Compliance & Safety provides the most cost effective and efficient products to you and your business.

Industrial Compliance & Safety Process

The Avetta® Compliance process is made simpler by working with Industrial Compliance & Safety. Our simple and straightforward process is easier and less time consuming than applying for compliance on your own. 

  1. Connect with Your Account: We will get logged into your account by creating our own login so you can see everything we create, fill out and upload.
  2. Review & Creation of Programs: Once we have access to your account, we will assess which programs are required in your account and begin creating them. Each program is tailored to your company based on requirements from your client.
  3. Uploading Programs: Once your custom company programs are made, Industrial Compliance & Safety will upload them to your Avetta® account. Within 48 hours of hiring us, your programs will be uploaded to your account for review.

Avetta® Compliance review times vary but they can take up to a week or longer to be fully reviewed. When the review is complete we will notify you and provide you the final copies of your programs. Our programs are given to you digitally in word format so you have the freedom to make modifications in the future.

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