ComplyWorks Certification

Complyworks® helps employers manage their network of contractors in a simple to use, scalable, Internet-based pre-qualification and contractor management solution. You may find yourself as a contractor having to now become approved in this system for your client. With hundreds of questions in the ComplyWorks Compliance Questionnaire, submitting requested forms, and the requirement of having to create and submit industry-specific safety programs, we know compliance is the last thing your company may want to focus on. We will get your company data and info set up within your account and go through all the items within your questionnaire. This will encompass the compliance part of your account including insurance and safety programs. Our expert compliance staff with over 20 years experience has been getting and keeping companies like yours ComplyWorks compliant.

How to Be Complyworks® Compliant:
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Fast Account Submission

24-48 hour Complyworks® account development and submission

Manual Audit
We will gather and supply all the needed documents for upload within Complyworks®

We will go through and complete each of your client's questionnaire profiles

Guaranteed Lowest Pricing

Find a lower price on our service and we’ll beat that price!

So, why work so hard at something we are the best at? Let us guide your business through the compliance process - step by step - so you can get back to what you do best!


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