Avetta® - Formerly PICS Auditing

PICS Auditing is now Avetta®!

The Supply Chain Risk Management company you know or may of heard of, PICS Auditing, has changed their name, brand, and logo as of April 1st, 2016. They are now Avetta®! Here is what Avetta®’s CEO, John Herr, has to say about the re-branding.

“The reason for our name change is not complicated—we’ve simply outgrown the “PICS Auditing” name. We’ve seen unprecedented acceleration in our innovation, growth, and performance—and today we do so much more than offer auditing, health and safety services, or prequalification. Today, as Avetta®, we’re simply building on the legacy in which we’re immensely proud, in order to deliver long-term growth and sustainability to our clients, contractors, suppliers, and partners.

What does Avetta® mean? At the heart of our business, we “vet” suppliers, contractors, and opportunities. We deliver this through adaptive technology and human insight. The “Avetta®” name encompasses these core values.”


In just a few years, Avetta®’s world-class contractor pre-qualification service has become an industry leader. They are one of the fastest-growing contractor management companies in the world. Avetta® ensure that suppliers are pre-qualified to work in a safe and sustainable manner. Their system pre-screens suppliers, verify insurance and perform risk-based audits on safety-sensitive contractors. You can learn more about their services at Avetta®.

If you are needing assistance with your Avetta® account and getting pre-qualified with your clients we can help with that. Learn more here: Avetta® Assistance


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