What Are the Most Important Oil and Gas Certifications?

What Are the Most Important Oil and Gas Certifications?

The oil and gas industry involves dangerous tasks that can lead to employee injuries and even fatalities. Therefore, following industry practices and compliance is essential. One way to achieve this initiative is to obtain specific certifications. If you’re curious, check out the most important oil and gas certifications for more information.

API 936 Certification

The API (American Petroleum Institute) sets industry standards that aim to promote safety and quality control in the natural gas and oil industry. The API 936 certification is an industry-recognized certification that sets the standard for refractory systems workers in oil and gas companies. The oil and gas industry relies on equipment and technological advances, and API certifications ensure that companies use the best practices through strong knowledge, qualification testing, and documentation.

Loading Master Certification for Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals

Loading Master Certification for Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals ensures that companies are equipped with efficient, safe steps to perform various tasks. Generally, this certification is for workers who load, discharge, or transfer oil or gas cargos within their companies. It demonstrates that employees have a full understanding of the rules, regulations, and industry best practices. In addition, Loading Master Certification applies to international, national, and local regulations, making it a top accreditation.

ISNetworld® Certification

For companies working directly with other businesses and corporations, an ISNetworld® certification helps hiring clients streamline companies to complete tasks. When companies join the ISN network, they’re visible to hundreds of hiring clients who can select them based on qualifications that meet a client’s standards. In addition, being in the ISN network means that an oil and gas company complies with OSHA regulations and other safety standards.

TÜV Rheinland Certifications

TÜV Rheinland specializes in providing certifications in compliance with industry safety standards. These certifications cover all services within the industry, including loading facilities, refineries, pipelines, and chemical plants. TÜV Rheinland also provides support in project management and technical training for all employees. Ultimately, from quality management to OSHA compliance, TÜV Rheinland certification is definitely worthwhile.

We hope your company considers these most important oil and gas certifications and essential accreditations. Along with them, your company should also seek out oil and gas safety courses. Here at Industrial Compliance and Safety, we will create a customized safety course for your company that fits industry standards. Get started by calling us today!