ISNetworld® - Skills and Knowledge (Offshore) Program

Skills and Knowledge (Offshore) Program

You may have noticed there is a new program in your ISNetworld® account – Skills and Knowledge (Offshore) Program. This is a newly released program being required in some ISNetworld® accounts for contractors that may need to meet requirements for  CFR 250.1914. This new program comes from the need to develop a minimum set of standards to measure each contractors compliance with this requirement. The below clients are the clients you will find that are requiring this program within your account. They also helped in creating the minimum set of requirements they are wanting to see evidenced in each contractors program submitted.

Need the Program?

The new program will not effect any grades currently until the deadline passes for the new program to be implemented which is June 26th, 2018. We at Industrial Compliance & Safety have already prepared this new program that is compliant with the updated requirements in your ISNetworld® account. The Skills and Knowledge (Offshore) Program is available in word format as well so you can customize and format it to fit your business.

If you need to get this new program we have it available for purchase and guarantee the acceptance of it within your account. We can have it to you very quickly or if you would like for us to upload it we can do that as well. Please contact one of our compliance experts today so we can get this new program squared away for you.


If you are already a customer on our maintenance program we are already taking care of this requirement for you. Clients that are signed up with our maintenance program have a peace of mind about new programs like this or any new requirements that may occur on their account. If you are interested in us helping keep your account maintenance and in compliance you can learn more here.



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