Silica Exposure Control Program

Silica Exposure Control Program for ISNetworld®

In May of 2016, OSHA made some significant updates to Silica Exposure Control regulations. ISNetworld® has released a new Silica Exposure Control program requirement within affected ISNetworld® accounts. This new program will replace

the current “silica” program that users may have uploaded into their accounts previously. ISNetworld® has named their new requirement for the program “Silica Exposure Control”.

Need The Program?

The new program will not affect any grades currently until the deadline passes for the new program to be implemented. We at Industrial Compliance & Safety have already prepared this new program that is compliant with the updated requirements in your ISNetworld® account.

If you need to get this new program we have it available for purchase and guarantee the acceptance of it within your account. please contact us today so we can get this new program squared away for you. If you are already a customer on our maintenance program we are already taking care of this requirement for you.

What Regulations Were Updated?

OSHA identified that the permissible exposure limits (PELs) for silica were very outdated. The previous PELs were based on studies conducted in the 1960s and did not account for newer and more accurate information on the issue. Silica as well since then has been considered a human carcinogen. The hope is the new rule will, even more, protect employees from exposure to crystalline silica.

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