Get a Letter from Walmart to Join ISNetworld®?

Walmart has recently established a relationship with ISNetworld® July of 2018. What this means is Walmart is now utilizing the service of ISNetworld® to manage the compliance of all Walmart’s contractors. If you are a contractor for Walmart or looking to be you may have received a letter or notice indicating you must subscribe to ISNetworld® to maintain compliance with them. There is a whole process to becoming compliant with ISN® and we are the experts in helping contractors achieve compliance!

Your next steps will need to be registering with ISNetworld® and paying for your membership. ISNetworld® currently prices membership fees based on the amount of employees you have on average. If you already have an account then you will need to make sure you make a connection with Walmart. Once your account is setup and Walmart is connected you will then need to go through your account to provide all the information to meet Walmart’s requirements.
How to Be ISNetworld® Compliant:
Call (800) 500-6301 or complete the form today to get started!

Completing Your Account

According to Walmart’s letter you will need to submit a full safety program, complete their questionnaires, historical safety data, and EMR information. Some contractors may need to supply additional information based on their work types. All of this information is then reviewed by ISN® to see if it meets the standards of your client (Walmart). If you have a failing grade this may jeopardize your work with them until it is resolved. That is why it is important to make sure your account is up to date and meets all the requirements. That is where we can help you by providing you all the needed material and programs to achieve compliance with ISNetworld®!

Approved Safety Programs

We will create your safety programs tailored for your company and ISN® account.

Questionnaire Completion

We will complete all your questionnaires fast and accurate.

Document Management

We take care of your Insurance, Client, and Training Documents.

ISN® Account Maintenance

We Monitor your account and information keeping you up to date.

Get Started

We work with General and Sub-Contractor Companies alike to help them achieve compliance with ISN®. Certification with this system is our bread and butter and we are ready to provide you with the best solutions to get you working. Getting a grasp on how ISNetworld® works and what is required of you by your hiring clients can be a challenge. So feel free to get in touch with us via phone or filling out the form to get started today!