Gold Shovel Certification in Canada

Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a nonprofit organization focused on the safety and responsible installation of buried infrastructure. GSS believes that buried infrastructure (gas, electric, pipelines, wastewater, and water) should be a collaborative act, where each industry respects the presence of one another, especially in the processes of excavation and installation.

Gold Shovel Standard is especially focused on the regulation of contractors performing excavation work. The Gold Shovel Certification process is aimed at excavators to gauge how carefully a company excavates around underground utilities.

work-crewWhat Do I Need to Become Gold Shovel Certified in Canada?

To become Gold Shovel Certified in Canada, you need to create a membership profile on the GSS website, and then follow the steps to upload documentation about your company. You will need to provide written copies of your company safety programs, insurance information, workers’ compensation records, and CCOHS (Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety) logs. 

If you are familiar with the Gold Shovel Certification process in America, please be aware that the Canadian certification process requires different Safety Programs. In Canada, Safety Programs are written in a more detailed, specific manner. 

At Industrial Compliance & Safety, we specialize in creating superb applications for Gold Shovel Certification in Canada. We will write custom safety programs and compile all requisite documentation to give your company the best possible score within the Gold Shovel Standard system. 

What are the Benefits of Gold Shovel Certification?

There are many benefits when excavators become certified with Gold Shovel Standard. First, you will be authorized to work with your desired clientele, as you are likely applying for certification in order to begin a specific contract. Second, you will be able to create a company profile on the Gold Shovel Standard website and app, thus giving your company more exposure to potential clients. 

Membership with Gold Shovel Standard also includes access to proprietary software from Oropala Services. This technology, called ShovelSafe, allows users to track damages, observe internal safety trends, and compare performance history against industry averages based on location, type of client, or task. With ShovelSafe, you can stay on top of safety within your workplace and immediately notice areas of concern.

A membership with Gold Shovel Standard is also a proven method for saving money in the long run. By investing in workplace safety, you can prevent losses and payouts via workers’ compensation, and in turn, reduce your insurance premium.