BROWZ Pricing

BROWZ is an industrial compliance software that ensures supply chains are safe and socially responsible. BROWZ offers thorough solutions to prequalify, assess, and oversee compliance based on the specific requests of hiring organizations. BROWZ’s software suite addresses hiring client needs related to identifying risk within a supply chain, managing data, and conducting safety auditing. 

BROWZ offers contractors a means of overseeing safety within the workplace. Additionally, contractors can communicate safety statistics to other subscribed hiring clients as a means of networking and generating business.

A BROWZ subscription for a contractor can be as low as $95.00 per year. For hiring clients, the baseline cost is $5,000 per year. Other than these numbers, BROWZ does not advertise its subscription costs for contractors on its website. The annual cost is contingent upon your number of employees and required software suites/programs. You can contact us for more information.


What are the Advantages of a BROWZ Subscription?

For contractors, a BROWZ subscription means that you are eligible to create an InTouch profile. This is a company profile page that promotes your business to other safety-oriented hiring organizations. An InTouch profile gives you access to contracts and clients that you might otherwise not encounter.

Additionally, a BROWZ subscription offers third-party validation: once qualified, you can use the BROWZ logo as a marketing tool on your website to show hiring organizations that you take safety seriously. Finally, using BROWZ to track your compliance leads to improved safety protocols and a decreased risk of injury for all employees.